Post #1, aka “It’s Too Early to be Clever”

I don’t really know what I want to accomplish with this blog. Really, I just signed up for an account on a whim, because some part of me wanted to contribute something to the world – specifically, the internet – that I could then not contain. Also, the three providers I had in my mind were Blogspot, Tumblr, and WordPress. WordPress sounded the most dignified, I like their logo the most, and the term “WordPress” exudes some sort of force. Like the word “thrust.” So, we’ll see if that ridiculous assumption holds any water.

I think it will be a nice exercise for me, to post things that excite me, things that touch me, things that make me wonder, things that appall me, things that frighten me, things that infuriate me, things that inspire me, things that I love, and things that I hate.

I plan to fill the pages of this blog with songs, video clips, and musings from my own mind as well as those who have gone before me.

We shall see



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